Epistemology of Pain

Victoria Sarkozy-Reiss was born in Switzerland to a mother who was the Polish mistress of a French diplomat who would be stationed in ten different locations while Victoria was growing up. He never acknowledged his daughter and refused to interact with her.

Running away from home at age 15, "Vee" drifted into several professions, the nature of which may be discerned from her criminal record: narcotics trafficking; narcotics possession; solicitation of prostitution; prostitution; burglary; assault and battery ("that was a bum rap; it was self-defense"); and arson.

She participated in the Incarceration Classroom Project and received a G.E.D. in English while serving out her sentence.

Until she began writing The Epistemology of Pain, her proudest achievement was editing and publishing twenty-seven monthly issues of Insider, the prison newsletter. She also wrote many of the articles. "On two of the issues, I wrote every article and column using thirteen different noms de plume, or, as you might say, pen names. It was good practice for a writer."

When questioned about her time as an inmate, she said, "I recommend prison to anyone who does not believe we are able to create hell here on earth. Prison or war."


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