Eye Spy

Here's looking at you, kid.
: " - (

Is the camera implanted in the left eye, or the right?
(Answer: both.)
: " - (

We know when you are sleeping,
we know when you're awake...
: " - (

The eyes have it.
: " - (

The Army calls them "natural born drones.".
: " - (

We saw what you did!
: " - (

Yes, there are cameras in jewelry, cosmetics,
personal care products, clothing...
: " - (

Another "animal cam."
: " - (

Cameras are in stores, autos, computers, phones,
traffic signals, signage, street lights...
: " - (

Cams have been built into walls, bridges, abutments, fences...
: " - (

Of course we record everything that is seen in mirrors.
Don't bother looking for cameras behind the reflecting
glass in your home -- there aren't any.
Mirrors are Lucifer's windows to the acts of humanity.
: " - (

Cams are built into eyeglasses, belt buckles,
lamps, pens, vases, liquor bottles, headboards...
: " - (

Be seeing you!
: " - (

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Area Code 666
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John Scott G is the author of: Secret Sex (autobiographical novel), Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka (music criticism), and Dictionary Tomorrow (dictionary, duh).

He is a columnist for the online magazines:

Writing as "Gerald Laurence," he is the author of One Bang-Up Job (novel), Partial Eclipse (play), The Ego Diet (personal health book), and co-writer of "Final Approach"
(motion picture).

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