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"The Darklight Sensibility"

Surrealism rules!

Poems-in-motion by
Joseph Medville Fook

Due to the subliminal messages embedded in these video excursions, you will find they are both whimsical and deeply heavy at the same time, which means you should probably only watch one before moving on to something safe, like a Celine Dion video, or cats cavorting on piano keyboards. Only return here for the next one after a short break. - JMF

area 88

88 Gates
See it if you dare
area brushed

Brushed by the Wings of the Temptress
See it if you dare
area psychic

When Psychic Gypsies Dance
See it if you dare
area snake

See it if you dare
area truth

More videos that truthfully display the secret
inner workings of all haunted human minds
Mind Games

See it if you dare

Buildings Contain Secrets, Lies & Ghost Dancers
See it if you dare

ADHD in LaLa Land
See it if you dare

Ahh Ooh
See it if you dare

Electro Shuffle by Bella Swan Bass Society
See it if you dare

See it if you dare

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+ Part of the Area Code 666 experiment +

John Scott G is the author of: Secret Sex (autobiographical novel), Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka (music criticism), and Dictionary Tomorrow (dictionary, duh).

He is a columnist for the online magazines

Writing as "Gerald Laurence," he is the author of One Bang-Up Job (novel), Partial Eclipse (play), The Ego Diet (personal health book), and co-writer of "Final Approach"
(motion picture).

John Scott G

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Photo of John Scott G (and flighty guest) by Phil Hatten