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Debi Newberry
, actress (Motion Picture, Television, Voiceover) model
"A ripe performance!" (as a grape in a Fruit-of-the-Loom commercial)
— ! —

Marcella, actress (Theatre, Motion Pictures)
"Her portrayal of Ibsen's Peer Gynt (performed in the
original Norwegian) was unbelievable!" - Walla Walla Pennysaver

— ! —

Jenny Slater, actress (Motion Picture, Television) dancer
"Once you see her dance, you will question the very
definition of dancing!" - Eye on The Pointe

— ! —

Mary Blank, actress (Motion Picture, TV) model ***juvenile-teen***

"Mary Blunk (sic), as First Lady-in-Waiting, was okay." - Malmount Intelligencer
— ! —

Lita Kinetta, actress (Motion Picture, TV) model, singer, martial artist
"Also appearing were...Lita Kinetta!" - Seneca Shopper
— ! —

Deiter Oatman, actor (Motion Picture, TV, Voiceover) model ***juvenile***
"Kid actors are annoying." - Eye on Oconomowoc
— ! —


Arlene Oslott-Joseph, actress (Motion Picture)
"Garnering a few laffs was Arlene Oslott as a
peripatetic faerie." - Westfield Mall Newsletter

— ! —


Felix La PuBelle, actor (Motion Picture), martial artist
"There is no truth to the rumor that my Felix ever did
any porn, ever!" - Mrs. La PuBelle

— ! —

Sidney Feldman, actor (Motion Picture, Television, Stage, Voiceover)
"Once again, Feldman virtually disappears into a role. Or shall we say
'roll' since this spot is for Betty's Bakery Buns." - Farm Report News

— ! —

Martin Q. Blank, actor (Motion Picture)
"His work is killer!" - Dan Aykroyd
— ! —

Kenneth McCullers, actor/actress (Motion Picture, Television, Stage, Voiceover)
"Sets a new high in transgender MMA!" - Oakland EYE
— ! —

Paul Spericki, actor/actress (Motion Picture)
"No reviews yet!"
— ! —

Steven "Steve" Lardner, actor/actress (Motion Picture, Television, Voiceover)
"These people probably think they're jaw-dropping." - The Weekly



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